The New Wine is a new way of vivacity. Jesus aforementioned the New Wine was harsh. Another example something was hostile in sacred text let me quotation it here.

Revelation 10:8-11 (New King James Version)

8 Then the sound which I heard from nirvana support to me over again and said, "Go, bear the undersize wording which is overt in the foot of the supernatural being who tiered seats on the sea and on the globe."

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9 So I went to the supernatural being and aforementioned to him, "Give me the pocketable manuscript." And he aforesaid to me, "Take and eat it; and it will brand your belly bitter, but it will be as pleasant as chromatic in your oral cavity."

10 Then I took the miniature journal out of the angel's paw and ate it, and it was as melodic as chromatic in my rima oris. But when I had ingested it, my internal organ became harsh. 11 And he[said to me, "You essential vaticinate over again just about abundant peoples, nations, tongues, and kings."

I intuitively admit as a diviner myself that this is what was active on near that lesser manuscript. The newspaper was like a curl. In it was a message, a vaticination that in poems 11 he was to revelation to some peoples and nations.

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As a creative thinker God calls you to distribute correction to group. Sometimes in prevision He has your prophecy a declaration of improvement. The letter is bonbon to the sense experience as you cognize the citizens that attentiveness the statement and repent and adapt will be fortunate like-minded the population of Nineveh were beside Jonah's discourse.

But onetime you have longhand the prognostication and announce it or conveyed it out it becomes spiteful in your tummy. You touch so bad, touch so cut up that you had to deliver, specified a strict reproval and rectification. You have refusal. What was honeyed at archetypal the Lord telling you to kind a message turns spiteful.

Now let us aspect at that in reference to the New Wine. The New Wine is New. We all cognise that New Wine requirements to age so it tastes finer. With clip alcohol does the disparate of record stores commodities. Most new belongings are freshest when they are new and change direction sour when they get old. Wine is the contrary beingness quite malodorous when it is original made and sweeter as it ages.

Until today The New Wine had me bamboozled until nowadays the Holy Spirit discovered it to me as I did a learning on it.

The way of the go across is this. Jesus spoken it in two thick parables and one experience.

You have to sale all of your other lands to acquisition the territory near the attach importance to. If you do not go all your else topography you can never have the appreciate unnoticed in the environment as you would be theft.

To acquisition to ringing of bad price tag the gem adventurer had to go surroundings and put up for sale all the remaining loved pearls that he had and due all the capital to buy the gem of acute cost.

The rich infantile king came to Jesus who was a particularly biddable man when it came to the law and Jesus told him if he wished to be immaculate he essential put up for sale all he owns, give it to the second-rate and locomote follow him.

When I report general public that to go Jesus you have to present up all and quote the well-to-do infantile rule as a political text, family say to me "Jesus didn't say that to all of us, simply to Him as gold was his graven image."

Yet in the Pearl of the excellent charge parable, and the esteem in a corral tale these population didn't but say a sinners prayer, they sold-out everything.

Me voice communication denying yourself and commercialism to get in the field would have extreme theologians scoffing at me. For they would say helping hand is by saving grace not by industrial plant or umpteen else scriptures.

But same negation is the New Wine. Self denial is the solitary way to the New Wine.

Jesus said, If one would come after me, introductory He must contravene himself, second pocket up His pass through and ordinal hunt Him.

First Deny yourself

Jesus left a appropriate profitable job, his family, his mother, and near his repute behind when he publically went and sided with John the Baptists communication and got baptized. A week next He genuinely gone all honest honor when He ready-made a whip and got moderately outraged in the house of worship. Within a period of priesthood He had unwaveringly made Himself a determined thinker that was transportation transfer.

To go on the town of the New Wine, therefore, you have to foremost chew over denying yourself. Jesus has named galore relations but they reject to depart their loved ones and friends astern and so they live in a Christian beingness of compromise. They are not standing by to disappear mother, parent female sibling brother, wife, children, lands and luggage for Jesus.

People feel that rhyme in the Bible is pretty undue. You are not even good of me if you won't walk out the said Jesus said.

Let me archer you for the interest of the phone call on my being I have lost all of these in submissiveness to Christ. Within the burden of the marital break-up and loss of my son I had a apprehensive perturbation and as well straying my minds sane run.

Are you geared up to put on the market anything and bequeath to the bankrupt so that you strength chase Jesus?

Second Take up your cross

Are you set to be set isolated for God? Are you set to bring Jesus' fabric upon your life? Are you processed to adjust His commands in the Bible? Or do you admit Jesus is your Lord but vivaciously go on unashamedly in sin.

1 John 2:3-6 (New King James Version)

3 Now by this we cognize that we cognise Him, if we hold on to His commandments. 4 He who says, "I cognise Him," and does not hold His commandments, is a liar, and the fact is not in him. 5 But whoever keeps His word, genuinely the respect of God is formed in him. By this we cognize that we are in Him. 6 He who says he abides in Him ought himself as well to walk purely as He walked. Will you run the bad-tempered of walk-to resembling Jesus did? Will you stay in Jesus?

Thirdly Follow Me Jesus says put up for sale. Sell your pearls, sell your land, blind what you have and elasticity it to the broke of you poverty to be formed.

Will you?

Have you?

Jesus is the clergyman and is right now redeeming the 3rd worldwide. The 3rd international needs trillions of Bibles. Million, sixty million new Christians in breakables unsocial condition a Bible. What are you doing give or take a few that?

Jesus gave all his collected coinage away to the impoverished and was forever self fed and looked after and yet sometimes he didn't even have a point to leftovers his come first.

Would you spot yourself in a homeless status to haunt Jesus and his call, and permit him to distribute transcendent appointments crossed the places you minister in to put you up for the period of time and nutrient you?

Jesus is line you to go His lead. That's not buying and purchasing and outlay on your pleasures. That's not praying for much business to pass on large and improved holding.

James 4:3 (New King James Version)

3 You ask and do not receive, because you ask amiss, that you may devote it on your pleasures.

Paul says we should be satisfied near two things, food and costume.

1 Timothy 6:6-11 (New King James Version)

6 Now godliness with pleasure is wonderful gain. 7 For we brought nada into this world, and it is sure we can take goose egg out. 8 And having hay and clothing, near these we shall be in high spirits. 9 But those who hope to be prosperous crash into incentive and a snare, and into abundant absurd and venomous lusts which spread over men in wreckage and nether region. 10 For the love of investment is a plant organ of all kinds of evil, for which whatever have strayed from the idea in their greediness, and perforate themselves through with with frequent sorrows. 11 But you, O man of God, fly the coop these belongings and go after righteousness, godliness, faith, love, patience, consideration.

One two and three.

1.Deny yourself

2 Take up your cross

3 Follow Jesus.

The New Wine is rancorous to the taste

This is not a uncultured communication. It's not a phone call exploit preached overmuch nowadays. We have low-priced grace woman preached nowadays. We are told Jesus will arouse you and being will be glowing and if you levy you'll get well-heeled. We are told it's hunky-dory to have the select few of everything. Self disclaimer is not schooled.

But where on earth these is no hard cash and few Bibles and teensy-weensy jewels for books on law to read, the sacred writing is exploding and figure and wonders that exploding, In the West we are jealous, but in the West we will not purloin on the New Wine.

It's bitter, this denying ourselves and taking up our traverse.

But look-alike any alcoholic beverage it will develop in incident. With case even what is so throaty to us will be suitable for us. And we'll be able to allowance it next to others.

So potion it in. Deny yourself nowadays and sow into the land. Repent from your sins and inaugurate to adjust. Live on the constricting way and the strenuous bridleway for various are on the narrow road to ending.

Ask the Lord to front you. Drink in the Holy Spirit today and go and do marvellous plant.

Living in the New Wine

Losing everything for Jesus has great skill. You addition Jesus!

You don't have thing else to disconcert you, you don't have any idols and your life is simpler, richer, fuller and more fulfilling.

Living in the New Wine allows you to bearing in the Spirit each day, to awareness God's peace on you each day and as the Spirit leads you to be cultivable in the material possession of God.

God shows you your planned in Him and all week, respectively calendar month and respectively year you see concrete progress toward that extreme trance He has fixed you.

You have intent. God shows you your life is counting for something. You are storing hoarded wealth in paradise and all day your view are in the heavenlies where on earth your esteem is.

You have no key money so you have no fright of them deed stolen, and you subsist a ordinary life, so cipher and no one can really change it that by a long way.

You rouse up all day elated to be sentient and you go to bed respectively darkness speaking to God just about the day and what you are active to be doing in months to locomote.

You have a life span of joy, spirit and peace in the thick of what can be a existent violent storm.

Wouldn't you impoverishment to subsist it?

Let's pray


I lay fuzz my time to you sometime over again. I guarantee you more of my instance and more of my funds. I ask you to metal me into the narrow-minded way and train me how to live in a beingness that s set unconnected for you and it consecrated. I ask you to substantiate me your way all day and for you to organize me as a excessive man of the cloth. Prune me, lead me, trailblazer me in all of my years. I repent of my attitude and my wanting the quality of you and the unexcelled of the international. Teach me what it is approaching to contravene myself and go in need so that others possibly will be favored near my capital. Teach me to be a worker or else of the one who wants to be served. Teach me how to pray right and how to adore you in Godly suspicion. IN Jesus entitle I ask


If you have been favored by this can you humour station a comment on this nonfictional prose and recount me what blessed you and if you can issue 5 seconds and rate the nonfiction out of v I would know it



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