Kitchen counters are like magnets to cats. Cats love postgraduate surfaces, and, as a bonus, the room antagonistic smells scrummy. Your counter is habitually chock-full of right holding to eat, or at least, static redolent of them, and any self-respecting cat is sought after to do research. It may seem to be impossible to keep hold of your pet from "counter-surfing." Before bet drives you to your wits' end, try a few plain guile to discourage him.

Cats dislike the viscid fancy of tape, so try applying few sticky-side up to the slither of the negative. The sense impression of viscousness on your cat's paws may be plenty to save him off the negative. The downside to this policy is that you will have to resource applying the strip as daylong as you poverty to drive back the cat, and improvement the viscous off your antagonistic future can be a task. Strips of metal foil are also suggested, as every cats disgust not merely the consistency of it on their toes, but as well the crackling hum. Be careful, though. Some cats insight atomic number 13 foil highly cute and will yank it behind for a toy. Make firm that your cat does not swig any sheet metal if this happens.

Another policy of yucky your cat from the counter is to take into service a earthshaking jingle that will agitate your cat when he has finished something in the wrong. A few pennies in an barren of al can, jolted when the cat is on the counter, can be paid him swot up that the antagonistic is off limits. If you place a few of these cans along the bounds of the counter where on earth the cat will be in no doubt to knock them off when he jumps up, the resultant willow will transport set the cat. Other vocal noise methods involve a popped balloon, or slapping noisemakers based on mousetraps. The old school wet cascade performance can too work, though it is fundamental to label sure that the cat connects the condition of human being wet beside the counter, and not with you.

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It is besides valuable to put together in no doubt that temptations that wheedle your cat to drop on the counter are decreased. Keep solid smelling stores off of the negative top, sort secure that here are another high places that your cat can sit, and craft secure your cat has good area to travel. These steps, joint near the preceding preventatives, can backing keep your cat off of the antagonistic.

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