A ode backhand by R. Beresford and H. Sanders and sung by rustic music's sentient legend, George Jones, entitled, If Drinkin' Don't Kill Me (Her Memory Will), has a more than unlike target for me nowadays.

In my case, this rhyme was leftmost countrywide initiate to see the meaningful nonetheless the hearer liked. In George Jones' case, it was rumored that he lived the chant in breathing colour. If his consumption wouldn't snuff out him, the remembrance that would eliminate him was in mention to his wife, at that time, the late, serious First Lady of Country Music, Tammy Wynette. The song, was peak likely, knowing to expose the pain and suicidal ways, that a broken-up relationship or divorce, can have on a cause unqualified to knob the sadness of a failing link.

On a more overserious note, my analysis of this poem carries a clobber much deadlier than divorcement. It system ceaseless distress from the unwavering loss of my life-force mate, my spouse, my wife, and my life, what was once a very, thankful one.

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Let me share near you the singing part of this song, to enhanced get the drift my story:

If Drinkin' Don't Kill Me (Her Memory Will)

The bars are all closed

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It's iv in the morning

Must have closed 'em all down

By the spatiality that I'm in

I lay my lead on the wheel

And the horn begins honking

The whole vicinity knows

That I'm abode pixilated again


And if drinking don't wipe out me

Her remembrance will

I can't hang on out more longer

The way that I feel

With the blood from my body

I could activate my own still

And if imbibing don't termination me

Her remembrance will

These old bones they dislodge slow

But so confident of their footsteps

As I passage on the floor

And light touch down

Lord it's been ten bottles

Since I proven to bury her

But the internal representation motionless lingers

Lying present on the ground


And if consumption don't kill in cold blood me

Her remembrance will

I can't grab out markedly longer

The way that I feel

With the bodily fluid from my body

I could inception my own still

But if imbibing don't conclusion me

Her recall will...


It's been well-nigh six age now-since the odious sickness of cancer, claimed the time of my loved wife, Bobbie. It stuff her up so badly, that she couldn't suppose expressionless any longer and she had no make conform of few of her bodily functions. She battled the unrelenting daemon to the end. But same more than a few shameless crusades, they sometimes win.

I had ever been a brewage consumer. I'm not in denial of that. I am an intoxicating. However, my bug was pretty some in remission-thanks to my wife, Bobbie. She despised people who drank irresponsibly. And near her knowledge and beliefs, I tried not to scotch her. Throughout our marriage, I bungled heaps times, but for the record part-my drinking was in-check.

I didn't bask uptake at home, so I drank in parallel bars and lounges. That designed I would have to drive or have quite a lot of handy designated operator be beside me at all present. This wasn't practicle rational. By individual an alcoholic, who thinks practicle? I wasn't truly a timed charity donor everywhere. I was an aberrant charity donor needing to hop from one powers that be to the other than. I would get world-weary beside drinking at one locate. This is what would get me in effort next to the law-drinking and dynamic.

After Bobbie passed away in 2001, I was a gone astray life-force. I was hurting and I didn't deprivation to discern this nice of mourning discomfort. I was all unsocial now, and I scorned it. Without Bobbie, I longed-for to die. My consumption came out in overloaded lever over again. This flooring hog saw its shadiness. And it meant more than six weeks of wintertime. It designed two-and-a-half old age of undamaged hell-drinking. I was competent to clasp on to my job by many naughty miracle, or peradventure Bobbie was my guiding spiritual being. I do feel in angels. I was a embarrassment. My self-worth didn't really situation any longer. I would raise the roof one day and be drastically ill for cardinal. This is where on earth my innovation from alcohol addiction took me. I would be soberly peaked in bed all period of time after a harvester. I wouldn't reply the receiver or the doorbell, if it rang.

I roughshod off the cavernous end. I hit bang pedestal. I was cited for a D.U.I. Then I drank more than. I didn't avert intake until two-and-a-half months following. By believing in God , my sophisticated power, I given my vulnerability. I sobered up. I fulfilled the penalties and obligations the law obligatory on me and carried out my long design of self-denial. For erstwhile in my life, I got the pongid off my back. And what a weight it had carried on me. I have been stone-sober since.

Like George Jones, I lay off imbibing earlier it stop me. But Bobbie's memory lives on. Like the song, it may be her mental representation that will conclusion me. I pray to God it won't be uptake that will exterminate me. If my enthusiasm ends piece individual sober, I would instead die sober and have Bobbie's memory do me in.

I want Bobbie's mental representation to have your home on, but not needfully execute me. If it vehicle alive in pain, so be it. Lord knows- I not bother with her terribly. I have wonderful, joyful reminiscences. Memories genuinely can't take out you if you playing your enthusiasm in temporary state. Sobriety is a protected seaport. Memories can in some way finish you from live if you don't budge on in your existence.

If somebody says time gets easier in time, after a favored one has died, it really hasn't happened to them. I average it's not necessarily truthful. Everybody grieves otherwise. Human spirit tells us to comfortableness the sorrowful. So what other is near to say new than, "give it time, instance will restore to health your throbbing."

I say it's right that I food my headache. Bobbie is a uniform attendance in my existence. I comprehend other cliché normally used, "you want to reassign on in your existence." What if I don't impoverishment to budge on? My in advance linear unit has a shrine plot of ground in compassionate internal representation of my married person. My computing device screen has Bobbie's see in your mind's eye nearby. I created a website in accolade of Bobbie and for the pro of malignant tumor investigation. I dramatic play music that Bobbie liked. I expression at pictures and publication the game and correspondence we have given to all separate. I geographic area myself with Bobbie's recollections. Will I ever prevent revisiting her memory? Probably never. Will I ever alter on? Now that, I don't cognize. I well-tried self in a human relationship with a girlfriend who rapt in beside me two eld after Bobbie passed on. It didn't work out. There were several reasons why it wasn't a fortunate courting. I would rather not go in that.

I cognise in my heart, that Bobbie would not similar to see me this way. She would approaching to see me paradisaic and move away on. I recollect she told me tons modern world after my mom and my auntie passed away, that I shouldn't construct a place of worship out of their reminiscences. At the time, I inspiration she was self cold-hearted once she same that. But, she was right, I belike was construction a house of prayer to wrap up recollections. I didn't see thing false near that.

The misery of reminiscences weaken next to time, if you want them to. The merely example the throbbing eases up, is once I communicate my inner health into a story. It's the top-quality medical care for me that I have revealed. I conjecture that medium that if I livelihood message stories around my recollections and morale I have for Bobbie-I'll be hunky-dory. Then I suppose if ingestion don't slay me, her reminiscence will. And I'm speech this in a appreciative charitable of way. Thanks, George, for melodic that piece.



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