Microsoft Business Solutions Small Business Manager is armored downfield Great Plains Dexterity based text of Microsoft Great Plains or one-time Great Plains Dynamics/eEnterprise. Small Business Manager archetypal relief 7.0 and all the shadowing edition was unclaimed on MSDE (MS SQL Server 2000 beside fixed activity and info mass - 2GB top). It is pleasant status on the marketplace in eCommerce station - we see immense cipher of customers, who have purchased and implemented SBM for their elfin and mid-size businesses and then accomplished that customization options for Small Business Manager are outstandingly limited: in examination to Great Plains SBM doesn't have VBA/Modifier, it has very out-of-bounds copy of Integration Manager. These restrictions atomic number 82 you, eCommerce developer to point-blank SQL planning. Again - one armored fuzz interpretation of Microsoft Great Plains - Small Business Manager has a legacy of comparatively full of twists and turns tables skeleton.
tom keep procedures way here:

1. Tables Structure. Small Business Manager has confusable to Great Plains skeleton and equivalent System DYNAMICS info and the camaraderie. As you could see tables support in Resource verbal description in Great Plains - so you do in SBM

2. Stored Procs. Yes - we can go up and compile hold on proc in DYNAMICS and companies databases or Small Business Manager. Now - in that is one feature. Technically Small Business Manager comes with MSDE and MSDE doesn't have lovable implement SQL Server Enterprise Manager beside Query Analyzer, etc. So in some manner you should deal with this. If you have consulting engineer - she or he can bracket together to your MSDE installation, victimization MS SQL Server Enterprise Manager, installed on consultant's laptop

3. Visual Studio.Net. This is the initiation tools to use - because you will involve a lot of web-debugging, considering intricate tables scaffold and documentation work flow. Some developers could put forward to use VS.Net aggregation specialist to connect to Great Plains tables - this concept is fairly very effortful to realize, because of the concurrent population of bigeminal tables, piece creating computer network orders: Order Header, Order Lines, Order Comments, Customer Master, Customer Address Master to label a few. So we would urge projecting to hold on proc.

4. SOP. Sales Order Processing. Usually eCommerce antidote complex say Sales Order Processing tables. The drive is - it building complex with Inventoried items and standard eCommerce is arrangement specialised items off the cyberspace. Look at SOP10100, SOP10200 and else tables with SOP prefix. Also you should cognize that SOP1XXX - are so titled utilizable tables and you people for the most part these, once commands are transformed to invoices, bid register goes to SOP3XXX tables - these are called historical

5. RM. Receivables Management Module - When Sales Order Processing Invoices are denote - they make story in Accounts Receivables or Receivables Management Module. RM has RMXXXX tables and the ones you are interested to cognize are RM00101 - end user maestro and RM00102 - customer address master

6. Batch Processing. We propose you reflect on basically demand assembly via web surface. Then these instructions should be processed by worker in Small Business Manager

Good good luck next to implementation, customization and integrating and if you have issues or concerns - we are here to help! If you want us to do the job - tender us a phone 1-630-961-5918 or 1-866-528-0577!



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