Few citizens know that nearby is a remarkable publication that is only back-geared towards outstanding programs in the franchising industry for women and minority owned franchises. There are a few even in the franchising business organization itself who are oblivious of this. Robert Bond has backhand and sold-out more books on franchising than any new causal agent in the World.

Robert is a in the flesh playfellow of mind, who I veneration for his no BS plan of attack to a authenticity cheque in franchising. Each Robert sends out a examination to the franchisors to ask them of their marked programs for women and minorities who buy franchises in their grant systems. Recently I occupied out Robert Bond's concession opinion poll of women and social group programs for the top franchisors. Each franchisor near programs will be hierarchal. I probability our joint venture will reputation last.

Women in franchising is a key element of a glorious franchisor, before having been personal friends next to Susan Kezios, Founder of "Women in Franchising" in Chicago, I got to cognize prototypical paw more than a few of the past of women in franchising and how they were harshly underneath depicted. That is not the skin today, as the numbers are communicable up. I'm convinced that she will take the stand for those franchisors, which do more than endow with lip feature to the mete out and their committedness to women in hand franchises.

Having viva-voce at the Annual Conference of the SBDC, I had also the luck to fitting next to Ann Dugan and her stiff unit of women advisors from the SBDC Small Business Development Center, at The University of Pittsburgh. It is cracking see the sincerity of these excellent kin in the Franchise Industry and how they are protective and promoting the rights of women in franchising.

I can call up all juncture we put a "Car Wash Gal" on one of our car bathe trucks, we get too more business organisation and that does sometimes craft technical hitches. I own The Car Wash Guys and The Car Wash Gals (CarWashGuys.com). In one period I recollect our establishment had put Car Wash Gals franchises in tons cities such as as Clarkston, ID, Belgrade, MT, Palm Springs, CA, and (3) in Los Angeles, CA.

It is recommended that all Franchisors donkey work not easy to push more than women and minority franchisees in their systems. It is bang-up firm and it is righteous for commercial. You'll be glad you did, embezzle it from me. Think on this in 2006.



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