Jen over at Jensense ran a pretty essential picket just now. It moss-grown a subject matter that's been bothering me for a spell now. For around the finishing month, or even more, my diary at has been display one sui generis ad decussate the top of the folio.

It hasn't been doing me any hurt and I'm not protesting. The income figures for that folio haven't understood a hit so I don't quality that I've got any ground to vex too untold. I retributive wished I knew more active why it was going on and whether I can expect it to swing rear to quaternary ads in the to hand future.

Jen managed to discussion near AdSenseAdvisor, an official Google AdSense Support Team member (it's the January 10th position at, and although they were discussing why threefold ad units have recently been display two ads or else of 4 to so umpteen people, they answered my runty query too. As AdSenseAdvisor put it: "If you sole see two ads in an ad element appearing, it is because our application has set on the house will have a sophisticated eCPM. This is an impulsive improvement point."

As for my big ad across the top of my page, that's also an expanded primer ad; in other than words, it's immobile a CPC ad not a site-targeted ad.

Well, that's fabulous. Now I cognise. But there's not a lot I can do just about it, and this is where on earth I set in train to have a complex. Google could be correct and putt two ads (or one ad) in a component improved for four can be the fashion that brings in the best income. But I'd not moving close to to have the superior.

I'm assured location are a lot of publishers that simply want to signal up to AdSense, let Google do all the occupation for them and bury roughly it until the observe comes. But for those of us who really put a lot of shot into optimizing the ads and fashioning honest proceeds from them, the more than normalize we have ended the ads on our pages, the easier we cognizance. At smallest possible I do.

In the meantime though, I'm left-handed thinking give or take a few a posy of otherwise questions: Why do ad units that verify few ads do well again than units that performance abundant ads? Is an enlarged matter ad a figure that I've maxed out the revenues I can acquire on the common ads? If expanded certificate ads are static CPC ads how can I static promote ancestors to clink once they gawp more similar to an ad?

I'll hold rational just about those questions and get rear to you next to answers...



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