The Heavenly Seal is one of the Three Heavenly Treasures that a acquirer of Tao of Heaven will have during the affair of transmittal of Tao. It is a Heavenly Contract (He Tong) or statement set up linking the acquirer and Universe or God. It is likewise to support that the receiver becomes a ancestral bough of Maitreya Buddha and a messenger of the Heavenly Teacher "JiGong." This is explained by Heaven that it is the leader entrance of our hatchet job in the Book of Life in Heaven. It will authorise us to surpass the cycle of beginning and death, and in the end reach undying vivacity. This is mentioned in the Bible (Revelation 20:15),

"Those who did not have their traducement holographic in the newspaper of the conscious were down into the tarn of fire."

This deed by this means enables devotees of Tao of Heaven to re-establish their dealings with God and to inform them of the rightful role that they must dramatic composition in their lives. Let us enquiry into the designation of The Heavenly Seal.

On the fitting hand, there are dozen points which suggest the 12 phases of one round of Heaven and Earth which is 129,600 geezerhood. Each state of matter is 10,800 eld and by active one interval in a circle the cardinal points, the eldest spike is called "Zi" and the 12th is titled "Hai" in Chinese. When "Hai" and "Zi" are united together, "Hai Zi," it means a "child" or "baby." The letter is that to be one with Heaven and Earth, we need to clench an cleared child in our foot aim the bond next to God is that of a parent-child affiliation which is also mentioned in the Bible (Matthew 18:1-4) that says,

"I undertake you that unless you adjust and become similar to children, you will never go in the sphere of region. The highest in the monarchy is the one who humbles himself and becomes suchlike this youngster."

Jesus likewise said, "Blessed are the family for the territory of God is theirs." In some other words, we essential change state like offspring in directive to enter upon the kingdom of Heaven and be near God. This implies that we can see the characteristics of the Godly in a tyke. If we face around, all entities of nature's creation, with all flora and accumulation and quality beings, are at their purest and the maximum harmonised homeland once they are at the fauna or girlish age, even the manic animals. In Confucian term, this is known as the heart of a new given birth babe.

A fry or a child has no selfishness and hatred, neither are they judgemental or prejudiced. Such is our fresh and unproved character we must try to evident. This is as well the importance of the portraits of Goddess of Mercy or Mother Mary carrying a child in their keeping. They service to be a content to our apodictic individuality and the way we should nutrition one another.

We are all brothers and sisters between the four seas according to Confucius. We may be dissimilar in color, taste background, sacred guess and principle and language we speak, in fact we are one kith and kin in position of our holding. In the orbit of Truth, in unkindness of our facile differences, we are all one entity in the opinion of Heaven. If we can adopt and appreciate this, consequently any differences, disputes or conflicts can be easily single-minded. We will not be overprotective of opposite people's natural event because we estimation their natural event as our own. In the same token, we will not smear others for their bomb because their breakdown is too our disappointment. Such is the height of Tao and indistinguishability. This is the scented oil of our Godly quality and the unqualified respect that knows no boundaries.

Anyone can come readdress to be initiated with The Heavenly Three Treasures heedless of color, religion or contest because Tao of Heaven is not a mysticism. It is the wakening of our inside superhuman selves and The Heavenly Seal in archetype is close to retaining the total world inside our safekeeping. It would change us to be one beside the universe and God. This coincides next to a passage from the Bible (Revelation 22:13),

"I am the Alpha and the Omega, the opening and the last, the formation and the end."

In the place of worship of Tao of Heaven, this is what Heaven says something like The Three Heavenly Treasures during the transmission:

1] First, the past Hand Seal, given as the untested proof at the psyche pike is sent (Referring to The Heavenly Seal).

2] Second, the Right Portal, the perfume of the White Yang Dharma is spikelike (Referring to The Third Eye or Divine Eye).

3] Third, the inarticulate sutra, the supernatural psychological state that reaches Heaven is transmitted (Referring to the Heavenly Mantra).

Author: T.A Chew



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